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Model 916B Fiber Stretcher


The 916B piezo fiber stretcher, with up to 4mm stretch, has application to fringe scanning and delay lines. It is provided with a driver on a small PC card that can deliver up to +150 volts, continuously variable, to the piezo actuator. The input signal is factory set 0 to +5volts. The card requires power supplies +/- 15V DC @ 50mA, and +180 volts DC at 10mA. The power supplies and driver have been incorporated into a controller unit, Model 914. 914. Frequency response is limited by the driver to 10Hz at full amplitude sweep and falls off approximately linearly to zero amplitude at 1kHz. Higher response is possible depending on waveform and duty cycle.


916B  Specifications:

Similar overall footprint to the 915 but using a center actuator to push the outer circular forms apart. Fifteen to twenty meters of fiber are used for minimum 4mm stretch.

Linearity and Hysteresis: Linearity at full swing is reasonable after an initial slow response, a triangle function exhibits a lower slope start from both peak and valley points.

Baseplate mounting dimensions click here

 916B Overall Dimensions             
 Length  113.9mm
 Width  44.5mm
 Height  65mm
 Fiber length/turn  249mm