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PD-1001S Interferometric Sensor System

Non-Contact Surface Profiling and Vibration Analysis 

The target can be any surface giving specular reflection to the probe, and can  be integrated with the probe head to form transducers which measure changes in pressure, temperature, or refractive index. The target may be scanned by the probe to measure surface profiles with micron spatial resolution.


Click here to see screen captures from sample scans using the PD-1000-S. 


Power: 115/220V AC, 1 Amp


17.75" x 11.75" x 5.25"
Weight: 10lbs

Operation: +10 to +35 deg C  Storage: -20 tp +50degC

Probes: 1cm working distance, 10 micron spot size, standard, Focla Depth +/-2mm
Output: Digital; to DAQ card of PC compatible witjh NI 6533 series for PCI
  Analog: up to 8V per micron


Frequency Response: click here

PD-1001M Non Contact Micrometer

The PD-1000 offers an accuracy of up to 1 nm over several millimeters range of displacement. The measurement is truly linear and based on an interferometric phase comparison that is independent of light level.

Display: 5 1/2 digit LED Metric or Imperial
Accuracy: 10nm over the whole range
Range: 4mm
Working Distance: 10mm
Probe: 5mm diameter 20mm length

An embedded microcontroller performs all the data acquisition and processing functions and outputs the data to the remote display.

LED's on the controller front panel indicate system status.

Zero may be set at any position within the range by operation of a remote control push button. Measurements are relative to this zero position.

This configuration is used with a nominally reflective target perpendicular to the probe axis.