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Evanescent Access Blocks (903/903P and 953/953P)


Similar to a half coupler, the fiber is embedded in a glass substrate and polished to within a few microns of the core leaving a nominally flat surface. The fiber can be contacted with liquid or pliable materials. Vacuum coatings can be applied but the substrate temperature must not exceed 80 deg. C.
Nominal face size 903/903P 1 x 0.2 x 0.15 inches
953/953P 0.6 x 0.1 x 0.05 inches
P designates PM fiber
Available wavelengths 450nm to 2um, minimum qty. required for wavelengths <780nm
The fiber has a radius of curvature of 3.5 inches through the contact area. Polishing depth is measured as an attenuation of the transmitted light by coupling out to a bulk material of matching beta to the waveguide. It is not possible to give an accurate cladding thickness value at the apex of the interaction zone as the core is not an ideal box car shape and there can be a depressed index inner-cladding.
Coupling-out up to >97% at specified wavelength.
Small quantities are available from stock if a recent larger batch has been made. If stock is not available, then a minimum qty of 10 is required for a special order. Contact us for availability.
Blocks have 1m pigtails standard and can be optionally terminated with connectors.